Maui Wishes Aloha


Aloha! Maui Wishes & Adventures is YOUR Premier Concierge Service. Guiding and helping Travelers & Adventure Seekers experience Maui’s Premier Activities!

Our staff has a tremendous amount of island knowledge, experience, and stories to tell. By planning and scheduling your wish list in advance, we can ensure your vacation is what you envision.

We love helping people find the best experiences on the islands. Maui Wishes brings together your vision of a tropical vacation and connects you with the activities and adventures to make it a reality! Our goal is to assist you, our guests in making memories and creating smiles that will last long after you have returned home!

Our wish is that our guests visit Maui to connect to our island’s Aloha and to feel Maui's power of rest and rejuvenation, to develop balance in their lives with fun and adventure.

Monica Ellison


Monica was born in Detroit, Michigan and when she was a small girl her father relocated the family to Pasadena, Ca.   Monica's father's work took him to Maui often and he quickly fell in love with the island. Soon the family began spending vacations on Maui multiple times a year.  At around age 10 Monica knew she would live on this magical island someday.  In 2001 Monica made the move to the Island along with her two daughters and has never been happier.

Monica loves the outdoors. She enjoys camping, hiking, biking and just about anything in the ocean! During her 15+ years as a concierge she has had the opportunity to experience most activities and dine at many Maui restaurants. So, her recommendations come from her personal experiences. You can rest assured Monica will assist you in the planning of a vacation you will never forget.  She is an expert at vacation planning and has a true passion for making Maui visitors Wishes come true!

"Monica was incredibly nice and tenaciously helpful. We wanted to book a last-minute cruise on the 4th of July, expecting everything to be booked. She knew all the vendors in town, which were most likely to be available, and which would be most comfortable for us. Through a miracle she was able to find us spots on a lovely sail boat, and we had the best night."

Danny Williams


Danny was born in Boston, Massachusetts but spent most of his childhood and adolescent years in the City of Medford, MA. Growing up Danny had two dreams, playing for the Red Sox and living on a tropical island. Somewhere with blue oceans, warm water, palm trees, and No Snow! As an adult he never gave up on his dream and finally vacationed on Maui in 2009. He and his family became Hawaii residents in 2010.

Danny loves being outside. Whether he's on land or in the water or maybe up in the air, Danny's always out experiencing Maui. He really knows the island and can provide premier recommendations and service.

Danny has always had a passion to serve and he quickly developed into an amazing concierge. Danny currently has 7 years as a concierge and is more passionate and dedicated to his profession then he was when he began.

Danny's Wish: You come to Maui Wishes as a guest, you leave as part of our Ohana!
A Hui Ho (Until we meet again)- Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much)- ALOHA =(LOVE) 

"We used Maui Wishes after seeing all the "deals" on the Front St. of Lahaina trying to get you to go to a sales pitch. We ended up booking 2 activities with Danny, who was really great, helpful and genuinely good human being. He also gave us some really good tips on where to go for quieter beaches (other Google reviews sent us to Big Beach with massive waves and warning signs of not getting in the water). Anyway, it was definitely a nice experience walking in and chatting for a while with a local who wasn't rushing to sell us stuff and just wanted us to have a good time."